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LinkedIn Headshots: Tips + real examples of great photos

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This famous American idiom is a great reminder to be choosy when selecting your LinkedIn profile picture.

– If you want to appear trustworthy, look at the camera.

– Make sure your photo matches your brand.

– Your photo should look like you NOW not twenty years ago.

My friend Emma Low a headshot and lifestyle photographer (who took my LinkedIn profile picture and has done many high profile people in central Ohio) said that the most important thing is that, “ you should try to be comfortable! Comfortable with your photographer, your clothing, and in the location where you’re getting your photo taken.” She also suggested lifestyle photos (or an environmental portrait that relates to your business) are a great way to show your personality and brand over a gray office backdrop.

Here are some excellent examples of brand reflective headshots:

Business owner- Rob Maneson

Female executive (casual work culture)- Liane Hornsey

Female physician- Anudeep Jassal

Male executive (professional)- Tanmoy Jadhav and flavio zollo

Client facing- Tim Salau and Emily Martin Luke

What do you look for in a good headshot? Who do you think has a great picture?



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