Custom Outplacement Services for Senior Executive Leaders



Great companies know that people come first. We operate with integrity and empathy when offering confidential career outplacement assistance for companies and their employees.

While we are located in close proximity to Durham, Cary, and Raleigh, North Carolina we offer outplacement services on a national basis. We provide the following outplacement services and custom packages to help employees achieve a soft landing and successful job search:

  • One-on-one white glove executive outplacement coaching (not group seminars!). Transitioning employees will feel valued and heard.
  • A resume from scratch written by a seasoned professional resume writer. This isn’t a resume review or a rebrand of an existing document. We will create a custom document based on the individual’s new career targets.
  • A personalized YouMap® Career Profile, a holistic self-discovery tool that uncovers strengths, values, preferred skills, and personality based-career interests.
  • LinkedIn profile development and keyword research
  • SEO Optimization
  • Public image and custom content and social media strategy
  • Interview Coaching
  • Professional bio and letter writing
  • In person group workshops and training sessions

Custom Outplacement Packages:

We will work with you to create a custom outplacement services package for your employees and offer cafeteria-style outplacement services to meet your company’s budget and unique needs. As one of the nation’s top executive resume writing firms, we are uniquely qualified to help your transitioning leaders position for their next executive role.

We offer customized outplacement services, as executives’ individual needs will be unique to their career experience and personal goals.

Supporting executive transitions with high-quality outplacement services gives your people the best chance to succeed. You can drive cost savings by reducing unemployment time and taxes, supporting a positive experience for departing employees, increasing productivity among remaining employees, and protecting your brand.

Highly Qualified Career Coaches

We are an intentionally small boutique career coaching and outplacement firm. We have a thoughtful and experienced team of professionals equipped to support your organization’s transitioning senior leadership. All of our coaches have advanced degrees and coaching certifications with years of industry-related experience. We recognize that your seasoned leaders deserve the best.

Pricing for custom outplacement starts at $1500 per individual.

If you have questions about our offerings, please reach out to Briefcase Coach CEO Sarah Johnston at

We help clients land amazing jobs.

Our mission is to help our clients land the best possible opportunities through strategic marketing documents, thoughtful career planning and targeted messaging that presents the best version of themselves. As a company, we strive to always be learning, produce superior documents and provide the best possible client experience.

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Navigating the Hidden Job Market-- Job Search Strategy

Develop a plan that will take you from a re-active to a proactive job search.

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Mock Interviews

Practice your interview to give you an invaluable edge and a confidence boost.

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The Future of Work is Here™

We are on a mission to help job seekers prepare for the future of work.

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