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Resume Tips for Leaders and Managers

By Sarah Johnston  · Nov 2022

Are you looking for a new job as a manager, but not sure what to do with your resume? Join instructor and professional resume writer Sarah Johnston in this approachable executive skills course. Follow along as she introduces you to practical strategies to create a stand-out resume, with tips that you can put to use the next time you’re interviewing for a new role.

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Get started by outlining the unique features of a leadership and management skills-based resume. Find out how to articulate your strengths on the page to craft a branding message that’s targeted for the role. Sarah gives you pointers on sharing your accomplishments and showcasing your talents as a leader, guiding you through everything you need to know to design a memorable, eye-catching, and error-free professional resume.

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Job Interviewing for Leaders and Managers

By Sarah Johnston  · Jul 2021

If you think of a job interview like a test, wouldn’t it be good to go into the test knowing most of the answers? As with any test, a lack of preparation can cost you, and if you’re not prepared for an interview, it could cost you a job you’re otherwise qualified for. Interviewing is particularly important at the leadership/executive level, as there are far fewer opportunities the higher you rise.

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In this course, Sarah Johnston teaches you how to effectively prepare for an interview so that you can answer the most challenging and difficult questions. Sarah starts with pre-interview prep tips, like researching your audience so that you can build a strong rapport and avoid potential pitfalls. She then covers the most common types of questions asked in interviews and how to target your responses, and explains the importance of effective storytelling in your interview. Sarah also teaches effective ways to end an interview, as a last impression can be as important as the first impression.

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Executive Resume Writing Services

Find a Job in the Hidden Job Market

By Sarah Johnston  · Jun 2020

80% of jobs are not posted on job boards or company websites. These positions are filled in the hidden job market. In this course, you can learn how to access these unadvertised jobs by targeting your search, changing how and where you network, and taking action to supercharge your job hunt.

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Career strategist and former recruiter Sarah Johnston shows how to refine your job search goals, identify the companies you want to work for, and focus your efforts. She explains how to get your foot in the door by requesting an informational interview and how to build a network of contacts through conferences, trade associations, job search clubs, and more. Each tip helps you build valuable momentum and skills for a successful job search.

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