Nail the Interview with advanced coaching from seasoned experts

  • Overcome jitters & fears
  • Refine your pitch & interviewing presence
  • Learn to address gaps & tricky resume points
  • Be prepared for all personality & interviewing styles
  • Gain confidence & ease (even if you’re nervous)
  • Get practice & feedback on tackling even the toughest questions
  • Masterfully own your strengths – without overselling, or alienating the interview panel

Hone Your Competitive Edge

Join the ranks of many of the world’s top leaders, executives and new graduates who’ve chosen Briefcase Coach to help them excel during high-pressure interviews for their dream roles. Customized interview coaching ensures you have:

  • A safe space to discuss interviewers’ likely questions, practice your answers, and get thoughtful feedback from skilled strategists who’ve been on all sides of the hiring process.  
  • Clarity and confidence about your optimal stories, your Q & A and how to present your best self – even under pressure.

Most clients reach out because they have an immediate need (often, an interview next week!) and want to gain confidence by sharpening their responses. 

I am very thankful for your support and guidance. You provided tremendous counsel, and I wouldn’t be here without you and your team.

CEO, top trade association

I utilized her interview coaching services to prep for a final interview as well as overcome a few repeat questions…The call was very productive and I left feeling more confident in every way. 

Event Manager, Denver

…the most valuable thing for me was gaining confidence through practice. Your interview was more difficult than most… I’m glad that I built up confidence by running through those questions. 

Medical Student

Here is What We Provide

One-on-one fully customized mock interview sessions, with immediate feedback

Comprehensive analysis of your verbal and non-verbal performance

Strategic insights into your industry or the individuals interviewing you

Video interview insights

Additional interview resources and worksheets

Our Executive Interview Coaches & Packages

All coaching is completely custom. We put an effective and supportive partner on your side to help you gain clarity, practice, and present your story in the most compelling way. 

We are not here to sell you an expensive package with all of the bells and whistles that you don’t need – simply choose coaching session length, and number of sessions that works best for you and we will assign a coaching partner that we think will align with your goals.

  • 60 minute: $219
  • 90 minute: $279

Our Interview Coaches

Lindsay Koons

  • Senior Branding Strategist at Briefcase Coach.
  • Experience working across various industries and size companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500s.
  • Strong understanding of Talent Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources, Change
  • Management, and Learning and Training Development through graduate-level study and industry/consulting experience

Sarah Johnston

  • Founder and leader of Briefcase Coach.
  • Seasoned recruiter with deep experience in healthcare, insurance, commercial real estate, and beyond.
  • Industry speaker on HR, talent acquisition, and hiring.
  • Named to HR Weekly’s list of 100 Most Influential People in HR Globally
  • A LinkedIn Top Voice in the career space and “Top Follow” by JobScan.
  • Certified YouMap coach.

How Does Interview Coaching Work?

Each coaching session is unique, custom to your situation and upcoming interview(s). During your session, we can:

  • Unearth and clarify your value proposition.
  • Think through the hiring team’s needs, and your approach strategy, with questions like, “what do you think they are really looking for in this opportunity?” and “how does that experience meet their pain point?”  
  • Help you nail common and/or challenging questions like: “Tell me about yourself” “What is your greatest weakness,” “What are your salary expectations,” “Why does diversity matter to you,” “Why did you leave your last role.”
  • Address gaps or tricky points in your background or resume.

And much more. In short, our process is designed to help you think beyond cookie-cutter answers and tell impactful STAR stories.

How many sessions will you need?

It may vary depending on your experiences interviewing at the level you’re aiming for, your work history, and other factors. While we are happy to do single sessions, we’ve found that for coaching to be most impactful, most people need more than one 60-minute session. You get out of this process what you put into it. We certainly recommend doing the post-session homework to get the maximum benefit from interview coaching.

The Stakes are Higher than Ever

Today’s job search is very different than it was just 10 years ago. The competition is stiffer and the process more rigorous. HR leaders, search committees, boards and executives have heard it all. 

Standing out requires far more than the right experience and cookie-cutter interview answers. 

When playing in this high-stakes environment, the critical edge you get from our advanced interview coaching ensures you’re set to show up at your best: at ease, confident, prepared, able to navigate both the expected and the unexpected. 

Let us help you land a new job!

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