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Returnships are trending: The return to work internships

I read the craziest thing in Parent magazine this month.

Apparently there is such a thing as a “returnship” or a paid three- to six-month program for mid-career-level men and women who have left the workforce for two or more years, with the potential for a full-time job offer. In fact, the new employment trend is catching on at some big employers including Apple, Walmart, PayPal, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Deloitte who developed an “Encore Program” led by Diane Borhani.

According to Working Mother Media, there are several businesses who help companies create relaunch programs and match candidates including: iRelaunch reacHIRE MOMCORP L.P. Pathforward I have really mixed feelings about this trend. I understand that many caregivers experience lack of confidence with a gap, but I might feel insulted accepting a glorified internship (also known as a lower paying contract gig).

As more and more women choose to stay-at-home during the early childhood years (Pew Research show that 29% of mother stay home. This is up 6% from 1999), will returnships help women bridge the gap and “return” to meaningful roles in the office?

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