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We may be biased, but we think we have the very best jobs in the world. We get to help people positively change the trajectory of their lives by empowering them to go after the position of their dreams. We equip job seekers with professionally written career marketing documents that showcase their unique value proposition.

The Briefcase Coach has been named the top resume-writing firm for experienced executives. Founder Sarah Johnston has been named a LinkedIn Top Voice and one of the most influential global HR leaders by HR Weekly. We work with thoughtful leaders across a range of industries. It is always our goal to overdeliver.

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What is it like to work here?

At Briefcase Coach, our mission is to foster an environment synonymous with excellence, autonomy, and flexibility—a workplace where individuals engage with kindness and mutual respect. Joining our team means entering a realm where your skills flourish and your achievements are duly acknowledged and celebrated. Here, you’re encouraged to contribute your ideas and see them come to fruition. As champions of talent, anticipate training and development opportunities for personal and professional growth. We’re a team of ambitious achievers, deeply committed to ensuring that our clients shine. People are the core of our business.

Our work directly impacts our client’s livelihoods.

What does Our Team say about working here?

At Briefcase Coach, we believe our greatest asset is our team. Hear directly from our team below about what makes working here unique and rewarding. They share experiences of growth, challenges, and the impact they have on clients.

Shifting Mindset: Moving from a team-oriented environment to working solo on projects as the “expert” was a major adjustment. I was used to collaboration and clear direction, whereas now, as a contractor, I’m navigating projects independently. I’ve certainly Googled more since working with the Briefcase Coach than I did in my entire professional career.

My Work Matters:  For the first time in my career, I can directly see the impact of the work I do. I love when we get client updates!

Balancing Flexibility and Isolation: I love the flexibility of this job– but I do miss having co-workers and people to just call with questions. I don’t know why, but it took me a while to feel comfortable reaching out to others on the team. I do it now on a regular basis and feel much more creative and connected.

Thoughtful Colleagues: I’m impressed by the team that’s been assembled.  I had a little imposter syndrome at first, but realized how nice everyone is. My onboarding process was really helpful and my mentor, Nicole, is amazing. I learned so much working with her.

Becoming a Career Advisor: I didn’t realize that I would become the resident career expert in my friend group.  I often find myself holding my tongue when having conversations with job-searching friends. I’ve learned to ask, “Do you want me to show up right now as your friend, or would you like for me to put on my career coach hat?”

Growth Mindset: You can be an “expert” and not always know it all.

Reframing: One valuable skill I’ve developed while working here is being able to retell someone’s negative/confusing story and reflect it back to them in a positive light and in a succinct way. For example, when a friend tells me about things not going well at work and I say “So you thought of this initiative and led the project through all these challenges, and saved your company all this money? That’s amazing.” I love seeing my friends’ faces visibly brighten when they see themselves in a different light!

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