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“Don’t count your chickens until they hatch”

I recently did interview coaching with a well-qualified senior level job seeker interviewing for his dream job. Everything about the position was exactly what he wanted.

First round interview ✅

Second round ✅

Third round ✅

And then…he was told, “we really like you as a candidate, but we are doing some restructuring and we need to figure out where this role fits”.

As you can imagine, this was hard to hear. Three months wasted and now he is starting over in his search. He learned a valuable lesson. If he wants to arrive at multiple options for his next job, then he needs to keep multiple prospective employers in play at all times.

This is the advice I will share with you too: If you get an interview at an amazing company in a role you are excited about, don’t stop your search. Continue leveraging your network and applying for roles to land others.

Remember. You are more desirable when someone else wants you— and nothing motivates a company more to make an offer than when they know a competitor has already done so. Having multiple “balls in the air” allows you to keep the process moving along and if played properly you could leverage one offer for another. Have you ever used this strategy to land a job or a better offer? Share your story below!



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