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Sarah Johnston


With over 10 years of career consulting, resume writing, and recruiting expertise, Sarah has advised hundreds of professionals across industries like nursing, marketing, nonprofit administration, operations, sales, construction, education, and retail in developing resumes and personalized career strategies that stand out in today’s market.

She helps professionals break out of antiquated job search molds, and break into creative agencies, startups, corporations, and non profit organizations in the most competitive job markets in the country––so that they can reach higher levels of earning potential and career satisfaction.

Sarah works with individuals virtually or in-person. She works with all career levels and industries (with few exceptions)

University of Georgia
A.B. Communications Studies, ILAD Leadership Fellow

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A Brief History

“At the University of Georgia, I took a class through my Leadership Fellowship that encouraged us to reflect on our career goals... as a 20-year-old, I decided my mission was to place people in positions I see them really flourishing.”
— Sarah Johnston

After college…

Sarah went to work for one of the largest privately held companies in the southeast. She fell in love with recruiting. Sarah loved meeting diverse, interesting people and was passionate about uncovering their talents, strengths and dreams.  

In 2008…

Sarah married a wonderful and driven man with a career that has required them to move about every three years. Sarah has lived in five states and through experience and successful networking has been able to break in to new communities and land jobs at top, competitive employers.

At the start of 2017…

After coming back to work as a recruiter for the nation's largest children's hospital from her second maternity leave, Sarah had her aha! moment. While she loved her employer and her colleagues––her true passion has always been helping individuals succeed. She also recognized that in her family, moving to a new city is always a possibility. Creating a business––like the Briefcase Coach––gave Sarah the flexibility to build a company that she could take anywhere-- but also the opportunity to build a resume and career search firm that truly values people and relationships.