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HR is becoming more strategic– and you need to be too.

HR—as a whole—is becoming more strategic than ever. I just read a fascinating case study about Nestlé Purina North America.

They implemented a talent pipeline recruiting strategy and in 2017 “filled 43% of their positions before they came open”. This pipeline approach is called a “pre-need strategy” because the candidate sourcing starts before you have an immediate opening.

The article I read (at the bottom) touted the pros from an organizational perspective including:

– Higher quality hires and more diversity

– Higher offer acceptance rates

– The time to fill can literally be zero

What does this mean for job seekers? Candidates need to be more strategic in the job search process and create target networking lists. As more companies take this approach, job boards will become even less fruitful. Before you start a job search, you HAVE to identify your focus and target company list.

Need more proof? The author of the study, Dr John Sullivan, asked the leaders at Purina to list the most effective sources for top-performing hires. The one common factor among them is that the source allows you (the company) to avoid “hiring strangers.”



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