Start Your Interview Off THIS Way And Get Noticed!

You are sitting quietly in the lobby waiting patiently for your interview when a friendly person approaches you with their arm extended. Your interaction probably goes like this:

Recruiter: Hi Sarah, it is great to have you here. Did you find our office OK?

Sarah: Yes, the directions you sent where great.

Recruiter: Great. While we are headed to my office, can I grab you a water or a cup of coffee?

Sarah: No thank you. I have already had my coffee today.

Recruiter: Ok. Grab a seat right here and make yourself comfortable.

The above is how 99.99% of my conversations went as a recruiter. They were very one-sided. I asked the questions and the candidates answered. After a while, it starts feeling monotonous. If you want to be memorable, be engaging. Recruiters are people too. Here is a more engaging response to the directions question: “The office was easy to find. My favorite Thai restaurant is a street over so I know this area well. Have you been to XX?” This is important because a Monster report found that job applicants have on average just 6.25 minutes during the first meeting to impress interviewers. This means the small talk you make can really boost your rapport. 

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  • Sarah Johnston

    I’m a former corporate recruiter and industry “insider” who got tired of seeing talented high-achievers get passed over for opportunities because they did not have the right marketing documents or know how to position themselves in interviews. I have relocated multiple times across the country as a “trailing spouse” and have had to execute job searches in completely cold markets (where I literally knew no one!) I have been named a LinkedIn Top Voice in the career space in 2019, HR Weekly’s Top 100 Most Influential People in HR, named the owner of the “best resume writing firm for experienced executives” by Balance Careers and a “top follow” by JobScan in 2019 and 2020.

Sarah Johnston

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