Sandra Oh on SNL

Did you watch Sandra Oh’s monologue on SNL this week?

She “explained that her identity as an Asian-Canadian combines two of the most compliment-averse cultures in the world; she joked that the only appropriate response for an compliment if you're a Canadian is to say "sorry," and that as an Asian women she has become a master in deflecting any compliments she does receive.” ( Bustle Digital Group)

She shared her enthusiasm for Americans. “You are confident and direct,” she said. “And now that I am an Asian-Canadian-American, I’m trying to learn a thing or two about tooting my own horn.”

I do a lot of interview coaching with first generation Americans. I’ve found that many of my clients have a hard time “bragging on themselves” in interviews and really struggle to answer questions like, “why should we hire you over other candidates”. Being too humble can cost you.

If this is your struggle, focus on RESULTS.

When you are answering STAR questions, don’t overlook sharing metrics that demonstrate your value or success. Alternatively, Harvard University researches found that people dislike humblebraggers more than braggers and even more than complainers.

Bottomline: Stick to the facts— and above all, focus on making a meaningful connection. Agree?

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