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What blind dates and recruitment have in common

I went on a blind date once. 

I was in college and a good friend was convinced she has “the perfect match” for me.  I love meeting new people and agreed to dinner. 

He was a true gentleman. He did all of the right things and on paper *was* a great match— but in person, we just didn’t have any chemistry. I left the meal thinking he would make a great husband and father… for someone else. 

Dating is a lot like job searching. 

This scenario happens a lot. If you find yourself in a situation where a search firm presents an opportunity that sounds great— for someone else— one of the best ways that you can cultivate the recruiter relationship is by promptly turning down the opportunity AND also making introductions to qualified people in your network who might be a fit for the role. Being seen as a “connector” is one of the best ways to build strong relationships with recruiters in your industry. 



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