Why you should send "fan mail" or gratitude letters

When is the last time you wrote a fan— or gratitude—letter? Research published recently in Psychological Science, says people chronically underestimate the power of expressing gratitude & overestimate how awkward it will be, which may keep them from engaging in the simple but impactful practice. Writing gratitude— or fan— letters comes at little to no cost, yet is a proven way to boost both YOUR mood & the person receiving the letter & strengthen the relationship.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

A new article published by VentureBeat.com shares that the first 25 job seekers who apply for a role on LinkedIn are 3x MORE likely to get an interview. Watch the video to find my tip to increase your odds even more!

E-mail Subject Lines: Think Like a Marketer

Running a strategic job search means that sometimes you need to send cold e-mails to people that you don’t know asking for a networking meeting. When you send cold messages, you want to be thoughtful about your subject line and the body of your message. This article includes tips on how to write subject lines that get noticed.

Why Flash-Forwarding Can Help you Advance Your Career

In a movie or TV show, a flashforward is a scene that temporarily takes the narrative forward in time from the current point of the story. This post talks about an exercise that will help you process and plan for the future. Visualizing a goal and thinking about all of the micro-steps necessary to get there is a great way to continually move your career and life forward.

This article contains 3-simple tips that you can apply to your resume in just 10 minutes. to make a big difference. An impactful modern resume is all about crafting an eye-catching design that displays RESULTS. As a former corporate recruiter, I understand how recruiters read resumes and want you to learn the inside tricks of the trade.