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Best Job Search Advice to Help You Find a Job— “The Kitchen Sink”

Job Search Everything but the kitchen sink

If you are looking for a new job, it can feel overwhelming. If you “Google” the term “job search,” you will see 23,000,000,000 search results! That’s a lot of content! It’s hard to know what to trust when some articles say that you “should ONLY have a one-page resume” when other articles talk about the value of a document that tells a results-oriented narrative over 2-3 pages.

Luckily for you, I curated some of my favorite career content on the web to help you navigate your job search. Many of the articles and videos below are content that I created based on my research and experience coaching clients. Some of the blogs below were created by career colleagues that I trust and respect.

Free Job Search Advice?!

All of the videos and articles below are free or very affordable. You may find it helpful to work with a career coach or resume writer while simultaneously working through the content. A career coach can help you set and hold you accountable to your goals, challenge your thinking, refine your messaging, and teach you modern strategies. A good resume writer can unearth your “special sauce” and help your career story in a compelling and targeted way.

Job Search Strategy

1. LinkedIn Learning: Video on the hidden job market

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the LinkedIn Learning team to create a 36-minute actionable course. In this course, you can learn how to access these unadvertised jobs by targeting your search, changing how and where you network, and taking action to supercharge your job hunt. (Includes spreadsheet in resource file)

2. Article on building a target company list

I asked 5 of my favorite job search experts to share their best advice on building out a target company list. Experts Biron Clark, Madeline Mann, Tim Windhof, Mark Anthony Dyson and Michelle Rademacher shared out of the box and practical suggestions for building a list of 20-30 target companies.

3. Why your job search needs a strategy

I got the chance to interview Orville Pierson, one of the leading thought leaders in the career space. He is the former Senior Vice President, Corporate Director of Program Design and Service Delivery for Lee Hecht Harrison, the leading global career services company, you authored dozens of job search training materials and videos providing services to over 1 million job seekers. My interview/article with him talks about the value of strategy and the importance networking plays in a modern job search.

Writing a Resume

4. Video on to write a targeted resume 

One of the biggest mistakes I job seekers making when writing a resume is that they try to write a one-size-fits-all document. That just doesn’t work! I created this short YouTube video to walk you through how to write a targeted resume.

5. 35+ example result oriented resume bullet points written by myself, Adrienne TomAna Lokotkova & Virginia Franco 

I am apart of a small collaborative of career strategists/executive resume writers called Job Search Secret Weapon. For DIY resume writers, we created a 3-page document with over 35+ example resume bullets. Our goal is to help job seekers write powerful statements and move away from bullet points that read more like a job description. This item is for sale for $4.99.

5. Video on how to do shading/formatting in Microsoft Word

If you want your resume to stand out, consider using bolding, shading and some modern design elements. This video on YouTube walks you through how to use Microsoft Word to create an ATS-friendly resume with shading.


6. How to request an informational interview with templates

If you watched my hidden job market video, then you know that I love informational interviews. This article walks you through exactly how to ask for a meeting and what to say.

7. Networking scripts & templates 

Wouldn’t it be great if someone told you exactly what to say? It sure would make job searching easier! Good news for you, the Job Search Secret Weapon team created a bunch of scripts and templates.

8. Job Search Club Map

I believe whole heartedly in the power of job search clubs. That’s why I spent HOURS researching job search clubs across the country so that you could get plugged in.


9. Article on how to prepare for an interview

If it’s been a while since you last interviewed or if you feel like you didn’t quite nail the last interview you went on, then this article is for you! It walks you through how to spend your time preparing, questions you should be practicing and what to wear.

10. “Tell me about yourself” interview question

Most people hate this question. I ???? it because it’s a question that you know that you will get asked on the interview trail and you can prepare a great response that speaks to the pain points of the opportunity. Use this article to nail your next interview.



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