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Tackling the Job Search as a Medical Provider: 9 Practical Ways to Have a Successful Search

I was talking to a PharmD job seeker a few days ago who is currently interviewing with several potential employers. He was lamenting the lack of professional readiness or job search training he received in his training.

He is not alone.

Medical providers are often under-equipped to enter a job search. If this is you, here are 9 very practical things you should consider:

1. Focus on writing a quality CV. Google “Medical CV template” and look for reputable university samples for ideas. If you have the money, hire someone to write it for you.

2. Create a target map of places you’d like to work. Don’t just look for open opportunities.

3. Leverage your network. The great thing about prolonged training is the opportunity for mentorship. Don’t be shy about asking for advice or references.

4. Be visible. If a recruiter is searching you want them to find you! Load your CV on PracticeLink, PracticeMatch and Doximity. Have a well-written LinkedIn page.

5. Write well-written, targeted e-mails to target places expressing interest (focus on decision makers).

6. List your priorities. If you are in the fortunate position of having multiple options – make a list of what you Care most about (compensation, work environment, call schedule, research institution, exposure to experts, urban vs. rural areas, ect). Bottom line – decide your priorities in a job before a job decides them for you.

7. Know your worth. When asked, “what is your target compensation” have a range. Medscape and MGMA can be great tools.

8. Remember: people hire people. Be human. Be kind. 

9. No one is going to want your success more than you, so you must take charge and be your best self-advocate for career development!

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