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Sunday Scaries

One of my former clients, let’s call him Paul, used to love his job.

He was a top performer and his boss recognized his efforts. Then his boss got a new job & they brought in a new leader who…how do I say this…didn’t like Paul. In fact, he really didn’t like Paul & would do everything in his power to undermine his efforts. Paul started getting anxiety about work on Sunday afternoons. He couldn’t enjoy his time with his wife and kids because he was too stressed about his work interactions.

He had what clinical psychologist Steven Myers in an article in CNBC International calls “Sunday Scaries” or “anticipatory anxiety.” According to this excellent article (in comments) the Sunday Scaries are felt by 91 percent of Millennials & 94 percent of Gen Z workers. Paul was ready to jump ship & would have taken a job making significantly less money to get out of his toxic work environment.

How do we stop this anxiety? The article gives 3 really good suggestions including:

⚠️Question your doubt. Identify & argue with it

⚠️ Reflect midweek on how you spend your time & prioritize. Plan ahead how to use your time

⚠️ Start a gratitude journal

What are other things you can do to curb the scaries? And how do you *know* it’s time to get a new job? (Side note: Paul got a new job)



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