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Recruiters…. YOU make a difference

Today I am talking to Recruiters. I’m not here to bash you. Before I launched my business as a job search strategist, I was a corporate recruiter.

I know the work can be draining. It can be thankless.

And some days you may feel like just a paper pusher.

But it matters.

The work you do changes lives. You give people opportunities that allow them to put food on the table. You open doors for people to achieve their dreams.

You can effectively change the direction and the success of a corporation with a single great hire in a key job.

You are often the face–or brand ambassador–of your company and the way that you treat job seekers can have a lasting and powerful impact on the company brand.

You have the power to give people hop and dignity. You may cross paths with people who are in a personal low and your words can be a life vest when they feel like they are drowning.

You can be a change agent in your institution. You can push back when leaders want to make discriminatory or predatory hiring decisions.

Finish the year strong knowing that YOU are making an impact.



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