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7 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to “The Briefs” Job Search Newsletter

These days, it seems like everyone wants you to subscribe to their newsletter. Why should you sign up for another e-mail? Simple: value. I am committed to the philosophy of “always provide value.” Below are 7 more reasons why you should subscribe to my newsletter.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

I want my email to be something you look forward to getting every month. I’ve promised from the start that I would not use my email list to SPAM or send frequent solicitation messages. I think my “always add value” philosophy is why my newsletter has between a 36-52% open rate (the average open rate for emails across all industries is 21.3%)

Subscribe to my Newsletter & Learn Modern Techniques

A modern job search requires modern job search strategies. I spend hours a week reading–scanning business journals, Twitter, tech sites, Linkedin, and industry groups to stay up to date on the latest in personal branding and job search strategies. I do this so that you don’t have to. One of the keys to a successful search is differentiation. My newsletter will show you how to stand out and get noticed.

Something for Everyone

 I’ve taken the “Piccadilly” approach to newsletters. I want there to be something in my newsletter for everyone which is why I write and curate a variety of articles for every stage of your job search (even if that means you aren’t looking for a job right now!). My personal goal when writing the newsletter is to give my readers an excuse to click on one link— I realize they don’t have time to consume all. I want readers to learn one new tip or insight that will enhance their career

Social Media Algorithms Often Bury Great Content

Social media algorithms change. They also over-value click-bait or shock content. You have limited control over what you see on social platforms. However, when you subscribe to a creator that you trust, you get to see more of their original or curated content. I write a lot of great long-form blog posts that get very limited views on LinkedIn and Twitter but are high-quality articles. My newsletter subscribers get access to these articles in their inboxes.

Newsletters Are More Personal

Newsletters are more personal. When I write my newsletter, I understand I am writing directly to my opt-in audience. It should read more intimate… because it is. I am talking directly to you instead of the “masses” on social platforms. I get subscriber insights which help me tailor my messaging.

My Newsletter Offers Motivation

Job searching is unbelievably tough–especially if you are unemployed. My goal with every single newsletter is to offer some hope and motivation.

Hand-Curated By Me 🙂

Newsletters are a labor of love for the creator. It’s a time investment that I make each month to connect more deeply with my customers, former customers, and future customers. When I run contests or ask questions in the newsletter, I’m the one answering and responding. I have a pulse on my audience and try to create or curate articles that resonate with my readers.

Bonus: It’s Free.

Despite what other people might say about newsletters being “dead”, I love them. I personally subscribe to other career colleague’s newsletters (like Hannah Morgan or Steve Brady) or industry thought leaders like Ann Handley, Allen Gannett or Matt Suber. The beauty of newsletters is that thoughtful creators write them with their end user in mind. They are a great tool for learning and development.

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