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5 Reasons non-job seekers need a resume

5 reasons non-job seekers should have a resume

It’s a known fact that you need a resume if you are a job seeker. It is a marketing tool to showcase your skills and experience to hiring managers and recruiters. Should non-job seekers have a resume too? Definitely! Below are five reasons a current working resume is important, even if you aren’t in the job market.

  1. Startup executives applying for funding. When seeking funding for a startup, investors want to see the qualifications of the company’s leadership team. It is important to have a resume that tells a succinct story of your background and a sustainable business model to help attract investors. According to, it is becoming a tougher process to obtain funding. Startup founder Rashan Patel discovered this recently – “VCs now drilled him with questions about unit economics, sales efficiency, and a path to profitability.”
  1. Leaders applying for a seat on a Board of Directors. Executives are often looking to serve on a Board of Directors. Many times, candidates need to submit a resume. When crafting the resume, be sure to showcase experience that will be valuable to the company. Recruiting firm, Russell Reynolds, recently published an article on the importance of CEO succession planning. In the article, they identify 6 key traits to assess for future board members. These serve as a great guide to what to include about yourself on a board resume.
1. Intellect, problem-solving, and systems thinking
2. Ability to work well with ambiguity and conflict
3. Ability to learn continuously
4. Drive to excel at an extremely high level
5. Emotional intelligence and ability to influence others
6. Leadership style versatility
List of ideal BOD member traits according to Russell Reynolds.
  1. Entrepreneurs looking to attract clients. An entrepreneur who has developed a company that provides any type of service will need to attract clients and customers to be successful. It is essential to show potential clients an attractive track record that will entice them to work with you. In order to attract ideal clients, it is important to have a clear vision of who that is and make sure you are marketing to that client. Present a clear message targeted to the ideal client to ensure a a mutual fit for you and your client base.
  1. Employees looking to demonstrate their value for a promotion. A result-rich resume proves value to your boss when asking for a promotion. When preparing for annual performance reviews, a resume update can help employees definite their contributions from the past year. It is also beneficial to take the feedback in the evaluation and include key results and positive feedback on your resume. 

“The process of resume writing is reflecting and defining your results–then translating it into a value proposition”

Kelli Hrivnak, Digital Marketing and Tech Recruiter
  1. Industry thought leaders positioning themselves for speaking engagements. Conferences and seminars are often looking for fresh ideas from new speakers. Resumes should showcase knowledge and expertise sought after by the organization’s target audience. When seeking out opportunities, a tailored resume can help sell the organization on the value of your message.

Bottom line, you never know who might come calling and asking for “just a resume.” Even those in their dream job, looking at retirement, or independent business owners. There may very well come a time when someone from your network reaches out and wants to discuss an opportunity.

When creating a resume, the format can go a long way in portraying the most pertinent information to your target audience. The post, Choosing the Right Resume Format, is an inclusive guide to help select the best format to make a meaningful and memorable impression on the recipient.

It is important to have a resume that demonstrates results and value ready to hand over at any time even for non-job seekers. Maintaining updated career documents can be an overwhelming process for some. However, the more often you do it, the easier it will be to remember results and responsibilities.



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