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How did they ACTUALLY get that job?

My LinkedIn feed tells me when my connections get new jobs. It’s always really exciting to see great people (who I know in real life or who I’ve followed on this platform) get a new opportunity.

A couple of months ago, I started sending messages to these individuals. The message was short and basically said, “As someone who studies and tries to stay current on all things “job search” related, I am curious, how did you land your new role? Surprisingly, 90% of people respond. And often they respond with enthusiasm.

Here are some recent responses:

– It was about 45-60 days of diligently searching. I learned about this new opp from a previous manager. (Property Manager)

– I applied for the job online and attended two interviews. (Finance Manager)

– I found this position via LinkedIn jobs, but I had been working with this recruiter for a while since it was a company I was targeting. Showed up to the interview relaxed and with the mindset not of just finding a better job, but finding people I enjoy, can learn from and value the HR function as an equal business partner. (HR Manager)

– I created a need. To me the entire job searching process is well broken. (CMO)

My takeaway? Your job search needs variety. Don’t just try one method and expect it to work.



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