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Do you send Holiday cards?

Do you send Holiday cards?

I send out close to 200 personal cards every year to dear friends past & present all with a handwritten note. I’ve been doing this every year since college as a way to retain the contact & maintain the friendship. Sending holiday cards is work. However, if you aren’t sending them, I’d like to encourage you to consider starting.

What does this have to do with the job search? A highly effective job search leverages a strong personal network. Effective networkers are constantly cultivating their networks. Sending Holiday cards is one easy way to cultivate your network before you need it.

Think about it— it’s much easier to call an old friend about an introduction when you know that they have a picture of your family sitting on their refrigerator!

Here’s my life hack:

1) I create a Google Form and email it to friends asking for their address. The form is simple with a space for name, address, city, state and zip.

2) I convert the form to an excel file

3) Mail merge the excel file & create Avery5160 labels

4) Email labels to Staples for printing. $1.00 per sheet.

5) Maintain the spreadsheet every year Steps 1-5 save me time writing the address so that I have more time to write on the card.

What are some ways you cultivate your network?



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