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“Different is better than better”

“Different is better than better”. Quote credit: Jerry McGuire

This brilliant sales technique should be applied to your job search.

When I was recruiting, I can’t tell you how many times I heard hiring managers say, “I can train someone to do XX, but I can’t train passion, love of learning and resilience”. (This doesn’t mean that you can get a job you are completely unqualified for because you demonstrate positive qualities in an interview)

Here are some practical ways:

1. When you write a follow up e-mail, don’t be vanilla. Think of ways that you can address the position or the organization’s “pain points” in your note.

2. When you are interviewing, take the time to make a real connection with the person interviewing you.

3. Make sure that your resume is well written and has some eye catching design elements. Don’t be boring.

As a job seeker, think outside of the box.



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