Accounting Practice Interview Questions

A recruiter calls you about your DREAM accounting opportunity, You want to nail the interview and you may only get one chance to make a great first impression. Check out these practice interview questions and tips from top accounting recruiters so that you can be prepared for the interview opportunity. This article contains tips that ARE NOT COMMON IN INTERVIEW GUIDES!

Squiggly Careers

My favorite career buzzword for 2019 is "Squiggly Careers". I have to credit Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis for this genius description of how our career ladder has shifted. Click on the video below to learn what "squiggly careers" means to me and why storytelling can be a powerful tool in a job search.

Why you should send "fan mail" or gratitude letters

When is the last time you wrote a fan— or gratitude—letter? Research published recently in Psychological Science, says people chronically underestimate the power of expressing gratitude & overestimate how awkward it will be, which may keep them from engaging in the simple but impactful practice. Writing gratitude— or fan— letters comes at little to no cost, yet is a proven way to boost both YOUR mood & the person receiving the letter & strengthen the relationship.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

A new article published by shares that the first 25 job seekers who apply for a role on LinkedIn are 3x MORE likely to get an interview. Watch the video to find my tip to increase your odds even more!

E-mail Subject Lines: Think Like a Marketer

Running a strategic job search means that sometimes you need to send cold e-mails to people that you don’t know asking for a networking meeting. When you send cold messages, you want to be thoughtful about your subject line and the body of your message. This article includes tips on how to write subject lines that get noticed.

Comprehensive guide to getting a job at a startup

Did you know that according to a study by Accenture, only 14% of U.S. graduates want to work at a large firm? 44% want to work in a startup or other small enterprise. This is the comprehensive guide to getting a job with a startup company. It includes where to do research, how to identify companies and the message you should be sending.