Expert job search advice.

Ask for the raise.

You’ve been out performing your colleagues for months.

You’ve put in long hours, hit all your target numbers….& you know that you could easily get another job making more money

. ” The best time to ask for a raise is now. If you have completed a major project, your company just landed a new contract or you have an upcoming annual review, it’s time to start preparing for a conversation with your boss.” ( excellent article by Hannah Morgan, U.S. News & World Report, )

Speaking as a former corporate recruiter, TYPICALLY salary increases occur during an annual performance evaluation. Out-of-cycle salary increases can occur to recognize permanent, newly added additional duties which are substantive in nature, to address documented salary equity issues including those caused by the salary of a newly appointed employee within a work unit or address job equity in comparison to market or “labor market.”

Best way to do it?

✦ Do your research & know your market value

✦ Quantify your RESULTS.

✦ Avoid using words like: believe, feel, think, might

✦ Know that you might not get an answer right away Just remember, a Salary(dot)com survey found NO employers — that’s zero % — reported demoting or firing an existing employee simply for asking for a raise.




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