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2023 Coworker Holiday Gift Guide

Coworker Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our highly-anticipated 2023 Annual Coworker Gift Guide! Last year, we compiled a list of our favorite items in a holiday gift guide for those you work with. I’m thrilled to share our fresh list of recommendations for the new year. This time around, I reached out to my network, and they exceeded expectations when it came to sharing their beloved gifts from small businesses and unique finds. The outcome? A meticulously crafted collection of well-rounded suggestions that cater to all your gifting needs. From imaginative and thoughtful presents to delightful sweet treats and innovative smart notebooks, this inclusive gift guide has your office gifting covered.

For the One Who Loves a Nostalgic Treat

Dr. Monkey’s caramels, starting at $3.50

If you want to put a smile on your coworker’s faces, gift them a box of Dr. Monkey’s caramels. The caramels are made in small batches by a husband and wife duo in Durham, NC. The butter rum tastes like something my grandma would have made me as a kid. They are perfectly soft and salty. These North Carolina State Fair “blue ribbon” winners live up to their slogan of being “ridiculously good!”

For Your Tech Savvy Employee

reMarkable2 notebook, $279

A tablet that feels like paper? The reMarkable is a new tablet that claims to be the thinnest tablet ever made. Think of it like a Kindle that you can write on. Meg Applegate , owner of Hinge Resume, recommended this gift item. She shared that her husband had recently been gifted a reMarkable notebook from his boss and that it was a HUGE hit. For an extensive review of the tablet, we found this article by Tech blogger Mark Ellis helpful.

For Your Employee Who Needs Some R&R

Apple Cider Bath Bomb from Bath Lab, $8

Do you have a coworker or team member who could use some self-care this holiday season? An apple cider donut bomb from Bath Lab could be the perfect treat! This small business sources their ingredients from other small businesses, so you’re supporting a whole community of entrepreneurs with your purchase. From luxurious bath bombs that leave you feeling like you’re in your own private spa, to candles that create the perfect ambiance for relaxation, and even scrubs for that extra pampering, Bath Lab has it all.

For Coworkers Who Love a Challenge

Qidoor Daily Calendar Puzzle Wooden, $11

For those in your office who love a challenge, Paula Christensen recommended the perfect gift: a puzzle! Puzzles are not only entertaining but also a great way to exercise the brain and unwind from the daily grind. Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle, a brain-teasing riddle, or a challenging 3D puzzle, there’s something for everyone. By gifting a puzzle, we’re giving our coworkers the opportunity to relax, engage in a stimulating activity, and achieve a sense of accomplishment when they conquer the challenge.

For the Office Animal Lover

Custom hand-painted animal ornaments, $14

Looking for a holiday gift for your animal-loving coworker? My LinkedIn connection, Daniella How suggests a custom-painted animal ornament from Painted Flanks. This is the perfect way to combine their love for animals with a touch of holiday spirit. You can choose their favorite animal and have it hand-painted on a beautiful ornament that they can treasure for years to come. It’s not just any ordinary gift; it’s a personal and heartfelt gesture that shows you really took the time to think about their interests. We recommend placing your order early to be sure to get it in time for holiday gifting!

For the One with a Sweet Tooth

Brownie Assortment from Greyston Bakery, gift bundles starting at $31

If you want to sweeten up the holiday season for your coworkers, Kelli Hrivnak of Knak Digital shares the inside scoop on the perfect gift: delicious blondies and brownies from Greyston Bakery. Not just a fan of their brownies, Hrivnak is also inspired by their hiring practices. “It’s a B-Corp with an open hiring policy that practices inclusion.” Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a heartfelt thank-you, Greyston Bakery has you covered. They come with a free gift sleeve that you can customize for different occasions. With a wide assortment of flavors to choose from, your coworkers be indulging in gooey goodness and thanking you for it. So, grab a box or two and get ready to spread some serious sweet joy this holiday season!

For Someone who Deserves a Splurge

La Matera Corbina Apple Watch Band, $145

A nice watchband for a smartwatch is not only a functional accessory but also a stylish and personal touch to their everyday attire. A high-quality watchband can elevate the look of their timepiece and make a lasting impression. Whether it’s a classic leather band, a trendy metal one, or even a unique and colorful option, there are endless possibilities to match their style. LaMatera offers handcrafted, unique watchbands for a variety of styles.

For your Coworker who Loves to Cook

Local Olive Oil from Old Town Olive, gifts start at $30

Not only is local, gourmet olive oil a practical and useful present for your coworker who knows their way around the kitchen, but it also adds a touch of flair to their culinary adventures. Clayton Sims suggests checking out Old Town Olive located in Albuquerque, NM. Old Town Olive products include a duo of their famous oils or an option to build your own gift basket to include fresh pasta. The flavor profiles and quality of locally produced olive oils are often top-notch, making them a delicious addition to any dish. So, grab a bottle (or two) of that liquid gold, and watch your coworkers’ faces light up with excitement.

For the Movie Lover

Holiday Movie Calendar Advent from Chouquette

Movies + Chocolate…What’s not to love?! Bethesda, Maryland-based chocolate company, Chouquette offers a fun and yummy way to countdown the days in December. This holiday advent calendar is filled with an assortment of speciality chocolates including flavors like cranberry-orange and balsamic. Croquette also does small-batch custom corporate chocolates.

For the Fun-Loving Intern

California Reserve Box from California Gummy Bears, $14.95

Unsure what to give your office interns? Brianna Kauffmann suggests a beautifully wrapped box of… gummy bears! That’s right – it’s a fun and unexpected twist on a classic candy, showing your intern that you recognize their youthful spirit and appreciate their vibrant energy in the office. Kauffmann was recently gifted a box of gummy bears from California Gummy Bears and said “they were delicious!”

For your Mitten State Employees

Gift Basket from Cherry Republic, gift boxes start at $35.

Andy Row shared his favorite gift to give – gift baskets from Cherry Republic. Based in Glen Arbor, MI, Cherry Republic offers local gift baskets that your coworkers will love. “Cherry Republic is the epitome of Northern Michigan life and values,” says Row. These baskets are packed with a fantastic assortment of goodies that cater to everyone’s tastes.

For Employees Who Love a Tasty Snack

Assortment from Krema Popcorn, starting at $15

We at the Briefcase Coach have sent this popcorn to countless friends and family over the years, and it’s always a hit. It’s the kind of treat that you hide after your first bite because you don’t want to have to share it! Krema’s popcorn is versatile and can be enjoyed in various flavors and styles. Whether it’s classic buttered popcorn, gourmet flavors like caramel or cheddar, or even unique and exotic options, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. My favorite is Buckeye Crunch!

If you plan to gift your team or coworkers this holiday season, I hope this list helped you find something they would love. Do you have a favorite gift to give? I would love to hear about it.

Don’t forget to gift yourself downtime with family and friends!

Happy Holidays from Briefcase Coach!



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