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2022 Coworker Holiday Gift Guide

Best Gifts For Coworkers in 2022

Gifts are one of the best ways to show your appreciation and reaffirm your relationships with colleagues. Thoughtful gifts can promote a happier workplace and improve morale. If you are planning to gift your team members or coworkers gifts this holiday season, you’re in luck! We put together a curated list of our favorite thoughtful and affordable gift ideas to help you buy your favorite co-workers a gift that they will love!

Your Punniest Work Friend

Luxury Candle from $26.95

Gift this candle to the coworker who LOVES a meeting. They want face-to-face interaction even when the subject could have been handled with a quick email exchange.

To the Nuttiest Person in the Office

“Whole Lotta Love Fix-n-Mix” Gift Box
Prices range from $20 to $99.50.

Do you know a coworker who is hosting this holiday season? A gift box from one of my favorite small businesses, All the Fixins’ will be a crowd pleaser! They offer a variety of price points and offer shipping to make gifting afar easier. Make sure your gift includes a “ruckus maker.” Trust me, they are delicious.

For Your Favorite Intern

Pair of Socks from HotSox. Prices range from $7-14.

For the fashionista in the office as well as those who love the feeling of comfort – a quality pair of socks is fun and practical. I love this gift because it’s something you probably aren’t splurging on yourself, but it’s practical and fun. HotSox is a favorite because of the variety of options.

For the Person too Busy to Finish What They Started

Ember mug comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Prices start at $99.

If you have a colleague who is constantly getting interrupted and unable to finish what they started, the Ember mug is a great gift. It looks fancy schmancy, but it will be truly appreciated. With temperature controlled by Bluetooth, the coffee will keep its perfect temperature for hours. No more coming back to your desk after a meeting to a cold cup of joe!

For the Co-Worker Who Always Gets Straight to the Pint

Pints of Jeni’s Ice Cream delivered nationwide. $12/pint.

For the coworker with an undeniable sweet tooth, send Jeni’s – fresh ice cream delivered right to their door. I used to live down the street from Jeni’s when I lived in Columbus, OH, and miss it so much. This is the good stuff. The flavors–like boozy eggnog and white chocolate peppermint– are robust and creative. It tastes fresh because it is fresh– they source from Ohio farms.

For Your Favorite Mul-TEA-tasking Colleague

“Let it Snow” gift box.
Gift boxes start at $27.

If your co-worker loves tea and warm beverages, check out the Asheville Tea Company’s holiday gift boxes. They use local and sustainable farmers throughout the Southeast; their tea blends have no additives. Your coworker will enjoy cozying up with fun holiday flavors like spiced apple butter and winter wonderland.

The Coworker Who Exudes Zen

Plants are often welcome gifts. Studies show they boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants. Lowe’s and Home Depot sell hearty and easy-to-care-for home and office plants starting at $5.99+. You can grab a pot where you purchase the plant or for more options, check out your local TJ Maxx or Home Goods store.

For The Coworker Who Doesn’t Plan Anything in Advance

Desktop calendar by Tina Labadini Designs. Available on Etsy for $24.

I love Etsy for unique gifts to celebrate a coworker’s individuality. For the coworker that loves a beautiful and productive workspace, there are many great Etsy vendors selling small-batch watercolor calendars. We love TinaLabadiniDesigns, MayWeFlyStudio, and grecodesigncompany.

The Office Mate Who Likes a Challenge

Custom Shutterfly Picture Puzzle.

Do you work with the “dream team?” Take a group picture and consider putting it on a photo puzzle. Shutterfly offers a variety of sizes and piece counts, so there is something for everyone.

The Jenna Fischer

Salted caramels available from Haven’s.
Prices start at $20.

For the office sweetheart, sweets are the perfect treat! There are so many great options for homemade salted caramels, but we recommend Haven’s (Maine) or Kakao (Missouri) – both offering shipping. Want to mix it up? Check out their other delectable candies also available like Kakao’s chocolate bark or Haven’s fudge.

For Your Favorite Coffee Snob

Little Waves Coffee Roaster Gift Box
Prices vary upon selection.

For the coffee lover in your office, consider gifting them a bag of specialty coffee from a coffee shop with a cause close to their heart or a location that is significant to them. Some of my favorites are Little Waves Coffee Roasters, a Latina majority-owned and women-forward company that pays a living wage out of Durham, NC and Jittery Joes, a coffeehouse in Athens, GA that fans of Georgia football may think of fondly. 

The Person You Want to Impress

Royce’s Nama Chocolate Au Lait
Starts at $19.99

This is one of my go-to gifts for friends and family. A co-worker of mine introduced me to Royce’s Chocolate, a Japanese company known for its “nama” – soft and smooth premium chocolate. This melt-in-your-mouth treat is a great, unique alternative to other sweet options of candies and cookies. You will not be disappointed!

For the Coworker Who Needs a Break From the Office

Escape Room in a Box Board Game
$38.95 on Amazon

For coworkers looking forward to time with family and friends over the holidays, a board game is a great gift. One of my family’s favorites is “Escape Room in a Box.” Work together to make your escape!

If you plan to gift your team or coworkers this holiday season, I hope this list helped you find something they would love. Do you have a favorite gift to give? I would love to hear about it.

Don’t forget to gift yourself downtime with family and friends!

Happy Holidays from Briefcase Coach!



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