We’re Hiring: Global Executive Resume Writer

Open Position: Global Executive Resume Writer

Part-Time / Remote

Join our top global executive resume writing firm as a Global Executive Resume Writer. In this role, you will be responsible for crafting compelling executive resumes and enhancing career branding strategies for our clients worldwide. Drawing upon your writing expertise, you will collaborate closely with clients and our Senior Career Branding Strategist to articulate their unique value propositions and career narratives. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to offer strategic guidance on personal branding initiatives to bolster our clients’ professional visibility and impact on a global scale

As the executive resume writer, you will partner with the Career Branding Strategist to craft original— not from a template– white glove executive resumes. 

The ideal candidate:

  • Has extensive writing experience. Fellow Briefcase Coach writers have backgrounds in law, PhD programs, corporate communications, and PR.
  • Maintains a commitment to quality and excellence by investing significant time and attention into each executive resume, averaging 15 hours per project to ensure meticulous attention to detail and refinement.
  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis to distill key achievements, skills, and qualifications, aligning each resume with the specific requirements and nuances of leading global organizations.
  • Demonstrates strong attention to detail, understanding the importance of accuracy in communications with meticulous executives.
  • Is proficient with technology, particularly Google Suite, Zoom, Asana and Calendly. Training is available for those unfamiliar, but a positive attitude and basic tech familiarity are required.
  • Has a grasp of business terminology, using terms like KPIs and P&L, enabling effective communication with executives without requiring in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Exhibits kindness, crucial in a remote work environment where the benefit of the doubt is essential in interactions.
  • Maintains discretion, respecting the confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Demonstrates confidence when engaging with high-profile clients, recognizing the value the company provides in helping them articulate their stories.
  • Values people, understanding the direct impact our work has on individuals’ livelihoods.

HOW WE DEFINE FLEXIBILITY:  Flexibility means taking on 2-5 projects per month.  Projects can take anywhere from 10-15+ hours each. Projects are due within 5-business days of accepting the assignment. Writers can work in any location at any time they want during that assignment period. As long as deadlines and quality standards are met, writers work independently. Once the client reviews the resume, the client gets 7-business days to ask for free revisions. Writers are expected to complete the revision work with a turnaround time of 1 business day (unless otherwise agreed). Bottomline: this is a contract role– you share your availability and we will assign you a client.

OUR WRITERS LOVE THIS: Writers do not have to conduct intake interviews—we have a dedicated and trained team of branding consultants who spend 90 minutes to 2 hours+ with our clients in structured interviews. Writers also do not have to talk to clients if they have questions or concerns about their documents. Owner Sarah Johnston is hands-on and always happy to get on a call with a client if they have questions.

There is no sugarcoating this—it’s a hard writing role. Expect a learning curve, and know that even the best writers struggled when they started out. 

MENTORING: We’ve found that many exceptional resume writers may not have initially envisioned a career in this field. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive onboarding experience, which includes a paid training stipend and mentorship during the initial projects. This ensures a smooth transition and fosters professional growth.

PAYMENT:  Weekly + above the industry average. Will disclose in the first interview.

CULTURE: Working at Briefcase Coach entails being part of a small, boutique executive coaching practice. While not adopting the term “work family,” we foster a supportive environment. The owner, a dedicated parent, maintains a flexible schedule, reflecting the dynamic of a small business.

Application Process

  1. Submit an Application
  2. Round 1: Selected candidates will be contacted for a screening interview
  3. Round 2: Selected candidates will be contacted for a series of video interviews
  4. Round 3: Selected candidates will be asked to complete a (paid) Strengths Finder assessment and writing assessment
  5. Final candidate will be notified of offer

This is a 1099 opportunity.

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