We’re Hiring: Career Branding Strategist

Open Position: Career Branding Strategist

Part-Time / Remote

Join our top global executive resume writing firm as a Career Branding Specialist. In this role, you will conduct confidential branding interviews with senior-level executives across various industries, including technology, real estate, finance, private equity, and healthcare. If you’re intuitive, confident, and strategic with a keen business sense and the ability to ask powerful questions, this role is perfect for you.

As a Career Branding Specialist, you will provide high-touch relationship management, prioritizing customer focus and responsiveness for executives seeking career rebranding. You’ll be responsible for consultatively managing the end-to-end rebranding process, serving as a subject matter expert on job search and career development.

We’re seeking an ideal candidate who is a strategic thinker and can swiftly connect the dots between a client’s experience and their career aspirations

The ideal candidate:

  • Has a recruiting or HR background. Current team members had prior experience working for top global executive search and/or senior leadership level experience in the corporate HR function.
  • Is a strategic thinker. The role involves helping our clients unravel and connect the dots in their sometimes convoluted careers.
  • Demonstrates strong attention to detail, understanding the importance of accuracy in communications with meticulous executives.
  • Possesses active listening skills, crucial for intake interviews where following a script is necessary, but the ability to adapt and improvise is equally important.
  • Is proficient with technology, particularly Google Suite, Zoom, Asana and Calendly. Training is available for those unfamiliar, but a positive attitude and basic tech familiarity are required.
  • Has a grasp of business terminology, using terms like KPIs and P&L, enabling effective communication with executives without requiring in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Exhibits kindness, crucial in a remote work environment where the benefit of the doubt is essential in interactions.
  • Maintains discretion, respecting the confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Demonstrates confidence when engaging with high-profile clients, recognizing the value the company provides in helping them articulate their stories.
  • Values people, understanding the direct impact our work has on individuals’ livelihoods.

HOW WE DEFINE FLEXIBILITY:  Flexibility means committing to one intake call per week initially, with the workload gradually increasing to 2-3 calls weekly. Intake interviews typically last 60 to 120 minutes, with an average of 90 minutes. Both you and the client can agree on the interview time. Dependability is key, as clients rely on your availability. Administrative tasks following interviews require an additional 30 minutes to an hour.  

Compensation: Hourly compensation details will be discussed during the initial interview. Rate is competitive.

HOURS: During the summer, the hours may range from 3-8 hours per week averaging 5. During the school year, hours will have the potential to increase to 10-12.  You will be part of the conversation re: adding more hours. We want to do it in a way that feels sustainable to all.

CULTURE: Working at Briefcase Coach entails being part of a small, boutique executive coaching practice. While not adopting the term “work family,” we foster a supportive environment. The owner, a dedicated parent, maintains a flexible schedule, reflecting the dynamic of a small business.

Application Process

  1. Submit an Application
  2. Round 1: Selected candidates will be contacted for a screening interview
  3. Round 2: Selected candidates will be contacted for a series of video interviews
  4. Round 3: Selected candidates will be asked to complete a (paid) Strengths Finder assessment
  5. Final candidate will be notified of an offer

This is a 1099 opportunity.

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