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How To Ace Your Zoom Interview

Online video or Zoom interview is the new normal

You’ve done the research, submitted your application, and made it to the interview! All is well until you find our that the office is still working remotely (safe choice!), and the recruiter wants to schedule a Zoom interview …..

Interviews are already intimidating by themselves. The introduction of technology, and the possibilities of technical difficulties, elicits a whole new set of stressors. If you have never done a video interview, the questions are often similar to those you’d get in person. Still, the format and non-verbal communication exchange can be intimidating and require an extra layer of prep.

Video interviewing platforms

“Zoom” has become pseudonymous with video meetings, but the beyond Zoom, there are many respected platforms including HireVue, Citrix, BlueJeans, VidRecruiter and more.

Typically, video interviews will either be live communication with a recruiter or a set of pre-recorded questions to answer. HireVue is a company commonly associated with the one-way, pre-recorded, asynchronous interview.

Live communication interviews are most similar to the “traditional” office interview. One-way video interviews are more common in early interview rounds. They are often used to accelerate the hiring process, remove scheduling barriers, reduce hiring bias, and provide a more flexible interview process for candidates. 

Tips for acing your Zoom or Video interview

Find a professional, clean background

  • According to, this can help your interviewer see you as an organized professional. 
  • If you choose a busy background, this could serve as a distraction from you. 
  • If you don’t have access to this kind of background, Canva now has an option where you can create and customize Zoom backgrounds. 

Keep yourself on mute

  • Whenever you’re not speaking, turn off your microphone to ensure there is no distracting background noise while someone else speaks. 
  • This is especially important if you can’t find a quiet space.

Find a bright background

  • Make sure your interviewer can see you. 
  • Your interviewer should be able to see your facial expressions and body language, according to

Turn off your notifications

  • There should be no distractions during your interview. 
  • Make sure that any messages or calls are on silence.
  • Clear your computer of all open tabs. 

Dress professionally

  • Just because you aren’t meeting in person does not mean an interviewer won’t see your outfit. 
  • Dress how you would in person.

Eye contact

  • Make sure you are engaged with your interviewer.
  • According to, smiling and coming off as engaged and interested, even over technology, will reveal how you feel during the interview.

Make your profile picture your headshot

  • Changing your profile picture will show you’re familiar with zoom. (For great headshot examples, check out these!).

Test your zoom account prior to the interview

  • Check your wifi, camera, and audio platforms so there are no glitches. Every detail matters in an interview. In fact, a Joblist survey of 700 people found 27% of employers said something as simple as having good audio quality could make an applicant stand out. 

Finally, one important thing to remember is that while rare, unexpected technical difficulties happen. Sometimes, there’s just no way around them. Give yourself a break and realize this is the nature of a world running on zoom right now. 

All of these tips are easy to follow and give you the leg up in the fight against technical difficulties. If you have more questions about zoom interviews, reach out to us!




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