Nicole Eshelbrenner

Nicole Eshelbrenner has been a Briefcoach Coach writer since 2019 and has helped more than 160 clients to date showcase their personal brands and accomplishments. She began her career in New York City as a public relations professional representing magazines (Prevention, PC Magazine, AARP The Magazine and more), books and nonprofits, where, an Ohio native, she was mildly starstruck when booking clients on the Today Show and MSNBC or planning PR for events in the Hamptons. She became adept at media training her spokespeople to communicate effectively. She then took a role in Public Affairs at Abbott Nutrition, specializing in external communications for brands including Similac, ZonePerfect, Pedialyte and EAS. There, she launched the company’s first social media campaign.

Nicole became a contract writer while raising two children and has also been the editor of a neighborhood magazine for seven years. Nicole holds a bachelor of arts degree in English and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis.

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