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Should you #ONO?

It is very common for job seekers to put something on their LinkedIn profile announcing their need for a job. I have seen profile headings say “Currently Seeking Employment” or the now trending hashtag#ONO (Open to New Opportunities). Currently, 43,614 people have hashtag#ONO somewhere in their heading. If you are unemployed, should you post this announcement? Mike Podesto and I recently had an online conversation about the pros and cons of publicly letting people know you are unemployed.

I personally would not advise my clients to put “Currently Seeking Employment” in their heading. While I am sure that there are some examples–I have never heard of a job seeker who found a position because they put  #ONO in their heading (please share your success stories in the comments). Mike brought up that you that you only have 120 characters in your LinkedIn heading and you could be wasting valuable real estate. He suggests maximizing keywords for search optimization. Mike made the point that you should not expect recruiters or hiring managers to find you. It will rarely ever happen. And I agree. It is well documented that networking is the most effective way to find a position. Leverage LinkedIn to connect with people OFFLINE. Do you agree? hashtag#jobsearch hashtag#linkedin hashtag#recruiting



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