Salary Negotiation advice from LeBron

Q: What do Anthony Davis, John Wall, & Lebron James have in common?

A: They use the same agent, Rich Paul, to represent them during contract negotiations.

Stop for a second and chew on that.

Someone else negotiates their contract. The EMOTION (for the player) is removed from the process and it becomes strictly business. How awesome would it be if when YOU were negotiating a salary or a contract, your agent could say the stuff that makes you fearful & anxious like, “we’ve done some benchmarking on a competitive market value for this role & my client would feel more comfortable accepting an offer…”

Maybe you can’t have an agent do your negotiations for you, but consider one of Lewis C. Lin 🦊strategies from his excellent book “Five Minutes to a Higher Salary”

💰Ratification Strategy

In his book, Lin asks, “ever make a decision that makes your spouse angry? Leverage that phenomenon to help you get more money.” That is, tell the other party that you want to accept, but your significant other won’t let you. Share what your “spouse” wants & collaborate with the company on how to make it happen.

You could also use your lawyer as well. “I really want to accept this contract, but my lawyer thinks I need to have you add in…”


  • Sarah Johnston

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