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“I have so many open jobs right now, it’s crazy!”

A recruiter friend posted this on LinkedIn last week. The recruiting landscape has really changed over the last 10-15 years. My first recruiting job was in 2007 for a large private corporate office in Atlanta. We were considered cutting edge back then as early adapters to Career Builder and Monster. I remember having a req load of around 15 jobs & felt very busy. Fast forward to today— most large companies have talent tracking systems & most internal corporate recruiters are carrying req loads of around 40-60 jobs at a time with pressure from leadership to close jobs under 50 days.

Yesterday, a well-known career expert posted that “if you send them (a recruiter) your resume, you need to hear back from them within one week—or you will be unavailable to them going forward”.

That is plain bad advice. If you don’t hear back, it’s because they probably had 85 other applicants for the position. If you are job seeking, it’s now essential that you network & form connections inside the company to stand out. Recruiters are busier than ever. The job for many recruiters has unfortunately shifted from office relationship manager to paper pusher. Don’t just submit your resume & hope you get a call back. Build relationships.


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