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Does the posting date matter?

As a job seeker, do you ever look at the date a position is posted?

If not, you should.

Time to fill is a KPI (Key performance indicator) for recruiters and organizations that essentially measures the number of days between the publication of a job and getting an offer accepted. As my post yesterday suggested, the average time to fill for new graduate roles is approximately 43 days.

Typically, when a position gets posted, the recruiter spends the first 2-4 weeks publicizing the job and screening candidates. The next 3-5 weeks are spent interviewing candidates and the final 6-7 weeks the recruiter checks references, performs a background check and administers any assessments before making an offer.

43 days is AVERAGE for a new graduate hire.

For harder to fill or managerial positions, that number can be significantly higher. Why does this number matter? – if you are being rejected from positions, consider the timing of your application. If you applied 37 days after the position posted, it’s likely they are well into the interview process. – If the org is still actively recruiting after the average time to fill KPI, as a candidate you may want to question if the organization is being unrealistic or if their are internal red flags.

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