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Cyber Monday Job Search “Deal”

According to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Cyber Monday survey, more than half of workers (53%) say they spent at least some work time holiday shopping on the Internet. Of this group, 43% spend an hour or more doing so. <Insert gasp!>

If you are #jobsearching and want a new career in 2019, use that hour to update your online presence.

My Cyber Monday “deal” for you today are 5 free tips that will give you a stronger #Linkedin profile in under an hour.

1. Take a look at your headline. Does it tell others who you are & how you can impact the bottom line? I love William‘s suggestion in Forbes to use ” Job title/company + Keywords + Zing!”

2. Do you currently have a background image? If not, consider creating a custom background in Canva. It’s hands down the easiest way to have an original background.

3. If your page needs some “spice”, consider adding a few symbols to help you tell your story. Brynne wrote an excellent article with symbols you can literally copy and paste

4. Put your contact information in your summary statement so that you can be contacted without a connection request. If you want a new job, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to find and connect with you.

5. Customize Your LinkedIn URL. What are some other ideas?

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