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In this issue *brand new* virtual job board, resumes for non-job seekers, the generational workforce, can your friends help you level up?, trends in salary transparency, mistakes to avoid as a new entrepreneur, and more…

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A couple of months ago, I included a survey in my newsletter to gain insight from you, my readers, about ways to enhance Career Briefs. Overwhelmingly, many of you had an interest in a job board of sorts. My team and I have been developing this idea and working to create something special for our subscribers.

Our vision is an interactive job board featuring a conversation with the hiring manager or company executive about the organization, open positions, and the next steps to apply. Today’s issue features our first test of this concept. Even if you are not in the job market, you may find some actionable takeaways from my conversation with Varun Puri, co-founder of AI company, Yoodli.

Much like a startup, this job board is a continuously evolving work in progress. I welcome your feedback.



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Now Hiring: Head of Product @ Yoodli

After receiving $7.1 million in funding, tech startup Yoodli is expanding its leadership team with its first Head of Product. Varun shares his background, the history of Yoodli, what they are looking for in their new hire, and the next steps for those interested in applying.

This video was recorded using Yoodli, an AI-powered speech coach. Yoodli analyzes speech and body language in real-time offering insights to help improve communication and presentation skills.

Head of Product @ Yoodli
Head of Product @

Sarah Johnston in conversation with Varun Puri, founder of AI-enabled software startup Yoodli about their open position, Head of Product.

Resume Development

5 Reasons non-job seekers need a resume
5 Reasons non-job seekers need a

Applying for jobs is not the only reason to have a resume. Briefcase Coach has recently created resumes for five non-job-seeking clients. In this article, I look at alternative reasons you may need an updated resume to hand over.

Generational Workforce

Millennial Internet Tics Have Gone From Cool to Cringey - The Atlantic
Millennial Internet Tics Have Gone From Cool to Cringey – The

The first generation to grow up with social media, The Atlantic’s Kate Lindsay reports that Millennials are now becoming the first generation to age out of it. As social media evolves, older generations are finding it challenging to feel comfortable sharing on social platforms where they once felt at home.

The Boomer Blockade: How One Generation Reshaped the Workforce and Left Everyone Behind
The Boomer Blockade: How One Generation Reshaped the Workforce and Left Everyone

Paul Millerd presents a fascinating look at the baby-boomer generation and how their career longevity is causing a trickle effect, paralyzing the career growth of younger generations. The boomers entered the workforce during the last consistent period of 3%+ economic growth and had limited competition for jobs during the prime years of their careers. Paul and his team found that from 1980 to 2001, the average age of executives dropped four years from 56 years old to 52 years old.

Leveling Up

On Rich Friends and Poor Friends
On Rich Friends and Poor

Rob Henderson seeks to answer the question – Is making the right kinds of friends the secret to upward mobility? It’s a new perspective on the age-old question: nature vs nurture.

Mental Health

How to Stop the Negative Thought Loop in Your Mind
How to Stop the Negative Thought Loop in Your

I discovered this article after Phyllis Mufson shared it on Twitter. I am guilty of ruminating; I am sure you are too. Science shows that people who engage in a lot of rumination are more likely to develop mental health problems. The Best Brain Possible presents how to stop the negative thought loop. This is especially important for job seekers who naturally face rejection.

Salary & Benefits

Indeed Will No Longer Exempt Large Employers From Salary Transparency Policy
Indeed Will No Longer Exempt Large Employers From Salary Transparency

Over the summer, big changes happened with job postings on Indeed. According to a press release from Indeed, almost every position on the U.S. Indeed site now has a salary — either entered by the recruiter or estimated by Indeed’s algorithm (as long as Indeed has enough data to provide a salary estimate). Previously, large companies could opt out of Indeed estimating a salary for each position. But with Indeed’s new change, being too big to share a salary is no longer an option. This is big news for salary transparency. It will be interesting to see if other similar sites follow suit.

“Cool Tech”

Ten Things: “Cool Tech” for In-House Counsel
Ten Things: “Cool Tech” for In-House

I am a big fan of Sterling Miller, CEO & Senior Counsel at Hilgers Graben PLLC. While his blog posts primarily target those serving as General Counsel, I think this one will also be appreciated by founders and smart executives. Sterling presents a well-rounded list of tech products to make work life more comfortable and productive.

Alex Brogan on Twitter: "10 insanely useful websites you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t know (until now)

There are some cool sites on this list that I haven’t seen widely featured. Harvard University’s Atlas data visualization/ trend spotting tool and Mailbrew are two sites on his list. Worth a look!

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