Why the Briefcase Coach?

You hire me. Not an intern.


I’ve been a recruiter…

I am one of the few job search coaches who has actually been a recruiter. I've interviewed hundreds of job seekers and know what companies are looking for in a candidate.

No virtual assistants…

I don’t use a virtual assistant. I answer my own phone. So you will not get brushed off by a gatekeeper.

My clients know that they have access to me--and I truly want to hear from them! Even when I’m on vacation or otherwise absent from the office, I frequently check emails and phone calls so I can respond to your needs quickly.

Excellent outcomes…

I get regular e-mails from clients saying that the work we did together made a difference. Additionally, around 25% of my clients are referrals from either past clients, close friends or former colleagues.

My goal is to always make sure my clients are being portrayed in the best possible way. If I am not the best person for the job and another coaching specialist would be a better fit–I will quickly let you know and will offer highly qualified referrals.

Because I care…

I genuinely want you to thrive in a job you are passionate about. I want to know about your "wins". I believe in you and I am rooting for you.