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The Resume Writing Process:

A good resume is compelling, impactful and tells your unique story. A good resume writer invests in the client relationship, knows the industry and stays up to date on writing trends.

Working with us means working one-on-one with a former corporate recruiter (who has seen THOUSANDS of resumes). We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size fits all job seeker, and therefore there should not be a one-size fits all resume.

What differentiates us from other resume writing services is that we do not use a template. We also don’t give you lengthy forms to complete. When it comes to writing your resume, Sarah schedules an hour-long intake call to not only discuss your work achievements and core strengths as a candidate, but she also takes the time to get to know what makes you unique and different from the competition. She will ask you questions about your legacy and long-term goals. We also know how ATS systems work because we’ve used them! We stay up to date on industry research and know how to write a compelling resume that not only stands out but gets through even the most challenging ATS systems.

Approximate turnaround time is 5-7 business days following completion of the initial consultation call. All resume writing packages include the initial consultation call and finalized documents in PDF and Word formats.


Sarah assesses the resume time investment during the initial discovery phone call.  Custom resume writing is a very time-consuming process because of all of the research, attention to detail and personalization needed to make a strong document.  We are not a resume-mill, and we treat every customer as an individual.  We are confident our pricing is fair for the labor of love involved. 

New Graduate Resumes start at $375+.

Early Career (2-5 years of experience) start at $525+

Mid-Career (5-15 years of experience) start at $675+

Executive Resumes (Director or above) start at $800+

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have experience in my industry? The Briefcase Coach accepts clients in most industries and levels. We tend to attract and enjoy working with high achievers. Most of our clients are Senior Directors or Vice Presidents, but we also enjoy working with early career professionals.

Are there people you don’t work with? We often joke that we don’t speak “tech-ese.” If you have a highly technical background, we will refer you to another writer. However, we have found that despite not being a good fit for tech clients as a resume writer, many of our favorite coaching clients have technical backgrounds. If you are in need of behavioral interview preparation, consider working with us.

What about medical CVs? Yes. We know what hospitals are looking for on a CV. We might be the only career coaching service in the country with experience recruiting physicians and other healthcare providers. We can speak to the match process, residency, fellowship and attending interviews.

Can we see a sample of your work? Of course! Before agreeing to work together on a resume, we’d be happy to share samples and also talk to you about how we’d write your specific resume.

What is your turn-around time for a resume? 5-7 business days.

What differentiates you from other writers? We take the time to set up an intake phone call with you to talk about your core strengths and skills. You don't fill out lengthy forms you work directly with us. We stay up on all of the latest trends and new technology. We know how ATS-systems affect the resume review process.