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Diversity Interview Questions

What do the former CEOs of Sam's Club, Papa John's and Miss America and the CEO of Revlon all have in common?

Answer: They have all made--or been accused of making-- racially insensitive or flat out racists comments. As a reaction, companies are asking diversity themed questions during the interview process to screen out candidates who lack cultural competency.

Day #2 of tackling ★ COMMON ★ #interview questions. Common diversity themed interview questions include:

⚡ What opportunities have you had working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural and inclusive settings.

⚡ Describe your understanding of diversity inclusion and why it is important to this position.

⚡ How would you describe your current thinking about diversity, and how has your thinking changed over time?

As a former recruiter, I have seen senior candidates FAIL MISERABLY trying to answer these questions.

Tips for answering these questions:

- Before your interview, check your biases.. Understand your personal definition of diversity, inclusion and cultural competency.

- Spend time reading the company website and know THEIR values.

- Think about how/why diversity matters to YOUR role

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