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Mock Interview

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Practice Makes perfect.

You have a lot riding on this job interview, and you know competition can be stiff. A practice interview with the Briefcase Coach will give you an invaluable edge over the other job candidates. You’ll have a huge confidence boost and will feel prepared for just about anything the interviewer might ask.  

Generally speaking, a mock interview with feedback is a one-hour process. We prefer to conduct mock interviews in person (if you are local) or via Zoom, but we can also do them over the telephone. It’s your choice. We encourage clients to dress as if you were on the real interview, so that we can provide you with constructive feedback on attire.

When you schedule your mock interview, we will ask you to email us the job posting, the employer name, as well as the LinkedIn Url of the person interviewing you so that we can create a customized mock interview experience.

Our goal is to enable you to have the best possible interview, so that you substantially increase your likelihood of a job offer.

Price: $185 for one session including a 12-page pre-call workbook to help you solidify your answers.  If we do a Zoom video session, you can have a recording of our interview.

Nearly every client we've worked with has said, "This was more helpful than I expected. I just wish I did this earlier".