New Graduate Career Coaching Packages


Start Your Career Off Right!

Being a new graduate can be an exciting time—- but it can also feel overwhelming! We hear time and time again from our clients that college did not prepare them for the job search process. That’s where we come in. We are experts at transitioning Millennial and Generation Z college students and graduates into the jobs that launch careers. We help you get noticed by recruiters, ace the interview and set your career on the right trajectory.

Research shows that having a bachelor’s degree is the clearest and most accessible path to a good job and middle-class wages. Over the course of a lifetime, the average college graduate makes $1 million more over a career than a worker with just a high-school diploma.

Yet that advantage only pays off if graduates find college-level jobs. In recent years, far too many students find that they are not able to put their degree to work in the labor market, with a troubling impact on their earning potential.

While we offer ala cart services, check our our packages below for the best rates.

Package Options


The compact Briefcase

Entry-Level Career Services

Consultation: You’ll have a one-on-one call with Sarah where you’ll discuss career goals, target companies and location.

Resume: You’ll receive a custom written resume. Every resume is unique. We won’t give you lengthy forms to complete. When it comes to writing your resume, Sarah schedules a 60-90 minute-long intake call to not only discuss your work achievements and core strengths as a candidate, but also what makes you different and unique.

1 Job Search Coaching Call: Navigating the job search process is scary and overwhelming. We will simplify it by helping you create an actionable job search strategy. This is a very intense and focused call. (You’ll want to drink your coffee for this one!)

Price: $650

The Portfolio Briefcase (most popular)

Entry-Level Career Services

This package includes everything from the “Compact Briefcase Package” plus:

2 Half Hour Job Search Coaching Calls: The initial 1-hour call is a great kick-in-the pants for a job search, but the two additional calls allow time for more focused strategy and accountability. We can cover topics like navigating LinkedIn, networking, personal outreach, customizing cover letters, and more.

1 Hour Interview Coaching Call: Work with Sarah, a former corporate recruiter, one-on-one to nail your interview.

1 Half Hour Salary Negotiation Call: New graduate clients have earned $3,000 to $10,000 MORE money because of their work with us!

1 Cover letter template: We will write a killer cover letter for you (job of your choice) and will show you how to customize it for future applications.

This package also includes email and text messaging support between calls.

Price: $1100

The Attaché Briefcase (PLATINUM)

Entry-Level Career Services

This package offers everything from the “Portfolio Briefcase Package” PLUS:

LinkedIn Profile Branding: First impressions are now formed online before they are formed in-person. We will help you make a great first impression by creating a LinkedIn summary, background image and header that will not only elevate your online image, but will also help you with LinkedIn’s search engine optimization.

1 Half Hour of LinkedIn Training: Work one-on-one with Sarah (LinkedIn Guru!) to learn how to use the platform for smart networking. She’ll teach you Boolean search tricks and the right way to approach employers online.

1 Hour mock interview (recorded): In addition to the one hour interview coaching session, this virtual video mock interview session will boost your interview confidence and will provide you with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment.

AND! I’ll spend time doing research for you to find additional opportunities and connections that you should consider.

This package also includes email and text messaging support between calls.

Price: $1875


Note to Parents about our services:

Many parents choose to purchase career services for their adult children because they recognize the value of early career guidance. Some parents are motivated to get a third party involved because they are tired of nagging their new graduate. Whatever your motive, investing in job search coaching is a smart choice. No one is born with the ability to job search— and learning job search and networking skills early on will pay off over a lifetime.

We hire tutors AND SAT coaches to help our children through high school and college— yet we expect young adults to just “figure out” the professional world on their own.

While some parents pay for career coaching for their young adult children, it’s important to note that the person receiving services will be treated as the CLIENT. Before taking on any new clients, we want to make sure that it’s a good fit and that both parties have realistic goals and expectations for the coaching agreement. It’s not uncommon for us to tell parents that we aren’t a fit for coaching because we sense that the student is not on board with the coaching plan.

I think it was extremely helpful for him to have you as a career coach. It was important for him to have a professional to work with and guide him. I am very proud of him and glad that he was open to working with you and seeking your advice.

Thank you for guiding him though a stressful process, and for helping him show his best qualities. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone I know that could benefit from them.
— — Stephany, Mother of a New Grad Client, Atlanta