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Does Your LinkedIn Need a Refresh?

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92% of recruiters use linkedin.  do you?

The Briefcase Coach functions without spending any money on advertisements. Not on Google.  Not on Facebook.  Yet you found us.  LinkedIn has been a very important part of our  marketing strategy since the day we launched in 2017.  Sarah has been a user of LinkedIn since 2005 and has been teaching classes on LinkedIn strategy since 2007. Sarah is widely respected as a LinkedIn super-user. 

While we are sure that there are developers in the basement of LinkedIn who know specifically how the algorithm works-- the rest of us are just making assumptions based on experience.  Our assumptions are pretty darn good.  Sarah has had multiples posts with over  100,000 views, 1,000 likes, 100 shares and 100 comments. 

So whether you are needing a new Linkedin page for business or your job search-- we are confident that we can help.


LinkedIn Rebrand for a Job Search:   We will optimize your LinkedIn page with the right keywords plus an attractive look.  

Price without a resume purchase:  $399

Price as an add on to a resume: $225

LinkedIn for client attraction: Are you a small business owner who wants to have a LinkedIn strategy for new business?  We've worked with corporate sales directors, recruiters and small business owners who want to be more visible on the site.  We will work with you one-on-one over the phone to learn more about your business, your needs and your "voice".  We will re-write your LinkedIn page to reflect these things.  Once you've given the thumbs up on your LinkedIn page re-brand, we will schedule a 1-hour personalized "super-user training session" with you. We will teach you high level tips and tricks to gain more traction on the site.  This option also includes a 15-minute check-in call two weeks after the training session to go over any additional questions.  Price: $499