This article contains 3-simple tips that you can apply to your resume in just 10 minutes. to make a big difference. An impactful modern resume is all about crafting an eye-catching design that displays RESULTS. As a former corporate recruiter, I understand how recruiters read resumes and want you to learn the inside tricks of the trade.

Diversity Interview Questions

Companies that embrace a culture of inclusion and attract diverse perspectives are better positioned to succeed.

Understanding your own stance on diversity in relation to the company perspective can help you answer a common interview question like, “Describe your understanding of diversity inclusion and why it is important to this position.” This article covers:

  • Common diversity interview questions

  • How to assess if you are culturally competent

  • How to prepare for diversity interview questions

Mental Health and Your Job

A Jobvite study published recently showed that 8 in 10 Americans would leave their current job for a new one. Stats like this have me wondering…. is work really the problem? I’ve got more questions than answers, but had a great discussion on LinkedIn about mental health, work place satisfaction and the job search.