Job search depression
Depressed. Unemployed. No energy to look for a job. Does this sound familiar? Dear Sarah, I lost my job back in June. I knew it was coming— our company had been on the decline for the last year & Covid was the nail in the coffin. Even though I had
Job Search Everything but the kitchen sink
If you are looking for a new job, it can feel overwhelming. If you “Google” the term “job search,” you will see 23,000,000,000 search results! That’s a lot of content! It’s hard to know what to trust when some articles say that you “should ONLY have a one-page resume” when
Job Search Everything but the kitchen sink
What are informational interviews? Informational interviews go by many names, including, quite simply, coffee chats. They’re an opportunity to informally gather information about a job that you’re interested in, an industry that you’re interested in, or one of your target companies. I often describe informational interviews as the secret sauce” in an effective job search.
How to Prepare for an interview-- 7 tips from LinkedIn
If you’re among the millions of Americans currently unemployed, you’ve probably had time for reflection to truly, deeply consider the positions you’ve had over the span of your career and recall which ones were fulfilling and which ones you’d never want to return to. You’ve probably downloaded free mobile apps–like
A job search can feel daunting. A job search with the goal of ending up at top tech company like Facebook, Amazon and Google can feel even more overwhelming. Companies like Google get over 2 million applications a year. With only one in 130 applications getting a final offer at

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