Your job search may be more challenging than students who graduated the year before you, but the lemons you are being served now will make you more successful in your career. College graduation events kick off in May… but thanks to Covid-19 stay home orders, many students will be wearing
Looking for high-quality career advice and materials available online, but don’t have a large budget to work with? The Briefcase Coach has compiled a list of the best digital career resources you can access—right now—for every step of your job search. The best part: they’re free.  This post walks you through
Zoom video hacks to look better on camera in video interviews and virtual hangouts Home office video interviews use over the last two weeks is significantly up. According to, Zoom application downloads have increased by 1,270% (over 12 times) between February 22 and March 22 2020 as millions of
Covid-19 Job Search Advice from 9 Career Experts In the last two weeks, the United States has flipped upside down in the face of COVID-19. With school closures, reduced work for hourly wage workers, and calls to stay indoors and with immediate family, it’s easy to put off the job
10 Out of the box ways to generate a job search target company list Savvy job seekers often already know that the best way to approach a job search is not to spend all day on job boards, but to develop a written target list of organizations where they’d like

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