Opting out of a Job

Have you ever considered that interviewing is kind of like online dating? I am going to credit Teri Hockett for that comparison in a 2013 Forbes article because she’s totally right! You read a profile—or in this case, a job description; determine if you’re interested; and pursue it in hopes

Job Search Insanity

“I apply to 45 jobs per day. Every day. And all I ever get is rejection. I feel like I’ve applied to 1000s of positions and I’ve had virtually no call backs”. — said job seekers everywhere Is this you? If so, it might be time to consider a new approach.
Want to know the ONE thing in the job search process that you can control? It’s your attitude.  Interestingly, Serge P. da Motta Veiga‘s research revealed that for job-seekers who come into it with a know-it-all attitude are more likely to get discouraged and give up more easily than people who
As a job seeker, do you ever look at the date a position is posted? If not, you should. Time to fill is a KPI (Key performance indicator) for recruiters and organizations that essentially measures the number of days between the publication of a job and getting an offer accepted.
When you are applying to 20 or more jobs per week, it is crucial to stay organized and track your progress. Track your job search with this modified excel template.

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