Mind mapping your network will help you land a job

There was a ground-breaking study done in the 1970’s by a guy named Mark Granovetter of white collar workers & how they found their next job. 83.4% in his study said they found out about the job through a weak tie (friend of a friend)

This study was replicated in 2014 with different results. 17% reported that a weak tie did the trick. Workplace ties, however, proved to be more useful. More than 60% of the storytellers reported that someone they had worked with in the past helped them find their next job. These weren’t always coworkers — former bosses & former clients helped, too.

If you want a new job in 2019, NOW is the time to start leveraging your network.

A great place to start is by mapping your network to give a visual of your connections & help you think of individuals to target for informational interviews. According to an old The New York Times article, the average person knows 600 people.

Mind mapping your network can give you clarity & actionable opportunity. Remember: it just takes one person to open a door. And each connection could lead to a new connection (if you are asking in every meeting, "is there anyone else I should be connecting with that could help me reach my goal of XX")

Curious minds want to know: How did you land your last job?

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