Surprisingly common mistake executive job seekers make during the interview

Want to know a SURPRISINGLY common mistake executive level job seekers make during interview?

I’ve noticed that most people are familiar with the STAR method for answering behavioral interview questions and are able to clearly articulate the situation & describe the action that they took... but often I see candidates get too excited talking about actions & forget to share results.

Here’s an example: Q: Describe a time when you had to interact with a difficult client. What was the situation, & how did you handle it?

A: When I was working as a personal banker, I took over some clients for a colleague who moved to another role. One of the clients—a successful farmer— had a reputation for being difficult. (SITUATION) Knowing this, I decided our first meeting needed to be in person. I drove out to his farm at 6 am with hot biscuits because I knew he started his day early. I asked him open ended questions to learn about his business and found out that he didn’t feel valued as a customer. We really connected over biscuits and I renewed his trust in our bank. (ACTION). This one simple act resulted in this “difficult” client making several large business acquisitions over the next 4 years valued at $XX with me as his banker.(RESULT).

If you are someone who struggles to showcase RESULTS, try adding this single line: “had I not taken this action it would have resulted in...” to use it as a showcase to show you clearly understand the impact of your actions and the need to have taken them

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