Careers Don't Happen Overnight

I am a big hot tea drinker.  I love the sappy little quotes on the tea satchels. 

The quote today is, "from a small seed, a might trunk may grow"- Aeschylus.

What you are doing today might feel small.  It might not feel important.  Or  grand enough.  Maybe you are wondering how this job (that you feel over qualified/under appreciated/etc. etc) will play out long term in the bigger picture of your life. I'd like to take a moment to remind you that trees don't grow over night. 

And careers don't happen over night either. 

It's the day in and day out grinding.  It's showing up.  It's being a team player.  Constantly learning.  Taking on new projects. 

  One of my favorite former colleagues started out as the administrative coordinator for our HR team.  She was green--fresh out of college-- but had a can-do attitude and a love for learning.  Today, twelve years later, this friend is now the Director over the entire Talent team. 

  Life is a marathon not a sprint. #keepgrinding 

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