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In this issue: Career Sprinters – their qualities and paths to success, new social network for networking and landing your next job, how Gen Z is “googling”, are you paying your employees enough to be attractive and retentive? and more…

Dear Reader:

Watching the US Open a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but compare these world-class athletes with my clients. Many of my clients are “career sprinters” – high performers who reach leadership ranks before their peer group. Young players like Emma Raducanu and Coco Gauff, along with the new US Open Champion, 19-year-old, Carlos Alcaraz are sprinters. They have dedicated their life to rising quickly through the ranks in their career and aiming for that top spot.

Sprinters also have strong relationships with mentors. Much like these young athletes who befriend the greats like Serena (Gauff) and Nadal (Alcaraz), career sprinters are often led by the guidance of a mentor – someone who has gone before them. They look for actionable feedback and are willing to make changes to meet their end goal.

Career Sprinters are some of my favorite clients to work with. They have a clear vision and a compelling story. The challenge I’ve found with sprinters is that are always trying to figure out what happens next and find themselves restless when things are “smooth” or “easy”.

Sprinters work, work, work but often miss out on the fun of work. Some of you might be thinking:

“It’s not supposed to be fun; that’s why they call it work.”

Sure, that’s true. Going to the office will never be on the same level as a ski trip to Vail. However, fun at the office can mean making a meaningful impact. And that’s where I think some career sprinters miss out. It’s highly likely your future self will look back and seek signs of impact.

Where are you making an impact? Do you feel it is one you will be most proud of 10-15 years from now?

Rooting for you,


Career Sprinters

The Fastest Path to the CEO Job, According to a 10-Year Study
The Fastest Path to the CEO Job, According to a 10-Year

Harvard Business Review presents the findings of a 10-year study of more than 17,000 C-suite executive assessments that looked at who gets to the top and how. The authors take a close look at the type of people that identify as “CEO Sprinters”, commonalities in their career trajectories, and the big leaps made to help land them in the top spot. (This is an oldie but a favorite HBR of mine.)

The 10 Inarguable Qualities of CEO Sprinters
The 10 Inarguable Qualities of CEO

Fast-climbing professionals are known as “CEO Sprinters”. The Ivey Exec’s Liv McConnell shares qualities that have been found to be a common thread in those who quickly rise to CEO at a young age.

Why Rookie Executives Outperform
Why Rookie Executives

Experienced executives rely too much on old playbooks.

Social Networking

The whisper networks helping workers get jobs
The whisper networks helping workers get

There is a new way to network in the digital age. BBC’s Alex Christian looks at new private online communities for like-minded professionals that are growing in popularity – and how they are being used by employees to land their next role.

Gen Z Isn’t “Googling” Anymore: Social Media Is The New Search Engine
Gen Z Isn’t “Googling” Anymore: Social Media Is The New Search

Those wanting to reach Gen Z are having to shift the way they market. Zenmedia claims B2B brands have to shift their attention toward the new generation of buyers: Gen Z. How does a business do this? By creating a strong social media presence.

Is Landing a Board of Directors Role Like Landing Any Other Executive Job? - Executive Career Brand™
Is Landing a Board of Directors Role Like Landing Any Other Executive Job? – Executive Career Brand™

Are you a c-suite or senior-level executive looking to land a Board of Directors role? Get tips on how to navigate your job search.

Resume Building

How to Use Your Resume to Tell a Story
How to Use Your Resume to Tell a Story

A resume is a compelling document that is many times, the first impression in a job search. Robin Madell shares her advice on how to write a compelling resume, so hiring teams will want to meet you.

What Search Firms Want to See On Your Resume

I did a networking call two weeks ago with a managing partner at a top 5 management consulting/executive search firm. I asked him to tell me what he looks for on executive resumes.

According to him, every resume needs to cover “the big 4”:

– Scope and scale (how big is your team/size of P&L)

– Key initiatives & results

– Methodology

– Lessons Learned

The resume needs to articulate what your unique value proposition is and the impact your work has had on the business and bottom line.

The questions that you are asked in the interview may be impacted by the content you present on your resume.

????He shared something with me that may surprise you:

– Resume design doesn’t matter to them.

– They care more about content and pedigree/quality of work.

“Shift Shock”

The 10 Best Times to Switch Jobs
The 10 Best Times to Switch

US News and World Report explores “shift shock” – the realization a job is not the right fit after making a move, how to avoid it and the best times to make a move to help ensure success.

Pay and Benefits

How to Ensure You're Paying Your Employees a Fair Salary
How to Ensure You’re Paying Your Employees a Fair

Keeping your compensation competitive is a persistent challenge. Inc.’s Ali Donaldson presents strategies for knowing where to draw the line.

Salary Hikes: Hefty, But Are They Enough?
Salary Hikes: Hefty, But Are They Enough?

Despite the sinking economy, almost half of firms plan to boost salaries next year. But will that attract the talent firms need? Korn Ferry explores the talent shortage, the tactics being used to lure them to a job, and how employers can retain employees to keep their labor pool strong.

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